How To Know The Kind Of Job To Apply For In Nigeria


How To Know The Kind Of Job To Apply For In Nigeria


How To Know The Kind Of Job To Apply For In Nigeria

There are times when people really need to work to earn a living; they scout through the internet in search of job openings on a quest to fend for themselves and earn a living. Yes, there might be jobs somewhere around the internet that you can apply for and get, or probably not get due to some reason or another.

Some applicants get frustrated after much trial because they’ve been turned down multiple times or because the hiring manager says, “We’ll get back to you,” but they definitely won’t for reasons best known to them.

When most Nigerians are done with their higher education, which is like a dream come true, they serve under the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) scheme, and their certificates to land a good job are ready. As an average Nigerian graduate, the next step to take is to draft a CV (curriculum vitae). Go to a cyber cafe, print it out and photocopy as many copies as they think possible would be enough to eventually land them a job, most assuredly.

With high hopes, they’ll begin the journey of job scouting. They go ahead and subscribe to different job websites they could lay their hands on in order to keep getting notifications about job offers and openings. Relatives, friends, family, and all well-wishers will know they were in search of a job, as they’d be told to alert them as soon as they learned of any kind of job opening at all. Neighbors will not be left out either.

Every morning, they’d wake up to the reality of another job search. The companies and different organizations in their city surely will have a copy of their CVs, and they’ll always hear, “We’ll get back to you.” At some point that line will begin to sound more like “We don’t have anything for you.”

Gradually, this turns out to be a huge disappointment to job seekers, who might decide to give up on job search.

How To Know The Kind Of Job To Apply For In Nigeria

As a job seeker, there are certain things you must take into consideration before embarking on a job search.

In this article, we will be discussing a few prerequisites for job applications.

How Genuine Is The Job?

First of all, applicants must be alert to ensure the job they’re applying for really exists. Is it authentic? Is it real? Please ensure you do not rush into applying for these openings without verifying their authenticity.

In recent times, many tricksters seek out fresh and innocent graduates they can deceive into applying for jobs, luring them with mouthwatering salaries and very stress-free job responsibilities and duties.

Many job applicants seem to be aware that all these artists exist, but during the season of job hunting, they tend to forget, thereby falling into the hands of these swindlers, who will ask for registration fees before interviews or ask them to make certain other payments before they get the jobs. Others pose as health organizations and compel these applicants to buy drugs before any other thing.

This really should be an eye-opener for job seekers who are desperate to land a job opportunity. Please do thorough research on the company, organization, or business setup you are about to apply for and make sure they are real.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of The Job?

In the area of profession, there are job openings that require a specific role. These roles are stated clearly and described distinctively as to what is required of applicants to possess before applying for the role. Most times, applicants bypass these instructions and descriptions and go ahead and apply for that opening since they’re in dire need of jobs.

For instance, an employer might say the job of a technician is needed; now someone who didn’t study anything close to that or have any industrial experience starts applying for the job. Applying for these positions when you don’t possess the required certifications, qualifications, or skills and deciding to try your luck, hoping you might be chosen, is setting yourself up for yet another disappointment.

Many applicants read through the responsibilities and duties for the roles and, upon seeing that these roles might be tedious for them or that the salary range won’t be satisfactory, they go ahead and apply for such jobs.

How Convenient Is The Job?

Another factor you’ll need to consider is convenience. It’s a known fact that you must be expected to work at your place of work. Jobs are not meant for pleasure. They’re not meant to make you feel good, but you make you better. So it’s not as if you will get all-around comfort while at a job, but you must ensure it gives you the opportunity to balance every area of your life.

A job that won’t give you the opportunity to spend time with your family or loved ones won’t give you the opportunity to build yourself, possibly by attending other activities that will make you grow. The kind of job that won’t give you the chance to attend religious activities if you’re the kind of person who’s very active in the place of worship should be reconsidered.

Also, verify if the environment is sound and convenient for your health, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

What Is The Salary Range?

The salary structure is another very important factor to look out for before applying for a role. There’s no need to apply for a job where the pay won’t suit your services, cover your expenses, or take care of your transportation fares for the month. Apart from yourself, if you have other responsibilities to take care of, say children, a sibling, or a parent, not to mention saving, and you think this salary won’t meet your immediate need, please reconsider; otherwise, frustration might set in.

So even while at an interview, discuss plainly what you’d love to be paid. Most applicants skip this part so as not to be seen as “money conscious,” but the truth is that even your employer knows that the salary is the main reason for a job search and knows you have money in mind. So don’t be shy about discussing salary structure with your employer.

Do You Have Passion For The Job?

Lastly, let’s talk about passion. Will it not be wonderful if you’re paid for something you love doing? Of course, this is a double gain! Please, before you apply for a job, ask yourself if you’ll enjoy carrying out those duties. Passion is energy, and when you have energy, you’ll be most effective at work. You won’t feel forced or compelled to work, and you won’t give excuses why you didn’t complete a task; rather, you’ll be doing it because you love doing it. And the good thing is that, you’re getting paid for what you love doing.

One thing about being passionate about your work is that you will become very committed at work. Passion will not only make you enjoy your work, but it will also help you get past any problematic situations and enable you to find solutions to those problems at work.

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