2023 NPC Recruitment Still In Process


2023 NPC Recruitment Still In Process


2023 National Population Commission recruitment is still in process

This is to remind the general public that the National Population Commission’s, NPC online recruitment has not closed and is still ongoing in a bid to recruit about 2 million ad-hoc staff for the 2023 housing census exercise.

This is a special opportunity for those who are interested in working with the government. This recruitment is open to employ individuals who will aid in conducting the census exercise which includes several duties and responsibilities by the National Population Commission.

The National Population Commission, NPC made this formal statement and revealed how important it is to recruit and have capable hands working on the census. The 2023 housing census exercise is slated to last for five days and a plan for a mop-up if some locations are not covered.

The 2023 NPC recruitment online portal was opened on October 31, 2022.

What is the type of staff National Population Commission is looking for?

Data Quality Assistants

The roles of the Data Quality Assistants include:

  1. Reporting all the technical problems to the field coordinator.
  2. For all flagged within his assigned boundary, he does ground truthing.
  3. He ensures that real-time correction is affected.
  4. Renders assistance to the enumerators when they are having issues with the PDA (i.e. give ICT support).

Data Quality Managers

Data Quality Manager (DQM) are officers assigned with the task of ensuring that census data collection process is smooth and the census data is correct, complete and consistent with the principles of the census. The Roles of Data Quality Managers are:

  1. Checking for data completeness and consistencies during enumeration.
  2. Validating of Enumeration Area data after listing.
  3. Distribution of EA assignment areas to enumerators through the Census Message Portal.
  4. Sending of EA assignments to enumerators and supervisors.
  5. Collaborating with Census trainers and Comptrollers in the LGA for successful functionaries for profiling and EA Assignment.
  6. To liaise with the Field Supervisors in ensuring that the rules and procedures of Electronic Data Gathering are compiled with led by the enumerators.
  7. Provide technical backstop on the functionality of the PDA to the enumerator.
  8. Liaises with the Comptroller for logistics management of PDAs.
  9. Responsible to the State Census Coordinators.
  10. Liaising with field coordinators and Data Quality Assistants.
  11. To ensure that an interphase between the front end (PDA) and the back end (Data Centre Server, DCS) are up and running.
  12. All issues pertaining to the operations and functionality of the PDAs are referred to handled by the DQMs.

Training Centre Administrators

Training center administrators will be equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to carry out your duties efficiently. The roles of the raining centre managers and administrators (TCMAs) are:

  1. To support the operational and technical wing of the census.
  2. Tracking the operational activities at the training venues on real time basis.

Monitoring & Evaluation Officers

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an essential component of census activities. Training, deployment of field materials and equipment, field operations during building numbering & household listing and persons’ enumeration will be monitored. Below are the duties of Monitoring & Evaluation Officers in Census:

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers will play an important role in ensuring that set targets are met at every level of the Census process. He/She will monitor and evaluate the implementation of all planned activities.
  2. Must have at least a BSc/HND.
  3. Must have at least five years’ experience in surveys and census activities with at least two years’ experience in the most recent surveys (NURHI, NDHS, VASA, NEDS, NMIS, etc.)
  4. Must have at least three years’ experience in data collection.
  5. Good presentation skills.
  6. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).
  7. Basic understanding and use of data collection applications (CSEntry, Census PAD, EAD PAD, Survey Solution, ODK, etc.)
  8. Basic understanding and use of statistical analysis applications (Stata, SPSS etc.)
  9. Demonstrated ability to train and build capacity of others.
  10. Sampling and questionnaire design ability.
  11. Good report writing skills.


A Facilitator is someone who trains all other Cencus Functionaries. Below are the skills a facilitator must possess:

  1. A Facilitator must be able to train all other census functionaries.
  2. A Facilitator must be someone intelligent enough to read the Census Manual, understand it and able be able to deliver the knowledge to all other census functionaries.
  3. Teachers or Lecturers, who should have a survey experience and computer proficient, are mostly recruited as their job demands more of teaching skills.

Enumerators and Special Work Force

Enumerators are key to the census process and as such are the front-line soldiers in the entire census army. Their roles are:

  1. To interact with the public and obtain census data.
  2. To interview all households and individuals in the EAs assigned, using the appropriate forms/questionnaire in the Electronic Data Collection Device and complete the record of work.
  3. Responsible to, and report back to his/her Field Supervisor daily.
  4. Receive instructions and feedback if any, from the Data Quality Manager through Data Quality Assistant in the LGA.
  5. Refers to the DQM and DQA for support on PDA issues for troubleshooting if the issue cannot be handled by the supervisor or field coordinator.
  6. An Enumerator should be able to speak the language of the local community and should have basic Literacy in Mathematics.


The Supervisors work as the leader of the team. They are made up of about three to six group of Enumerators. He or she also collaborate closely with the Field Coordinator. The core duties of the supervisor include:

  1. Handling all difficulties the enumerators might report to him/her, including non-contacts and refusals.
  2. Checking that enumerators have visited all dwellings in the Enumeration Areas (EAs) assigned to their team.
  3. Establishing good working relationships with military, civil, village head and other authorities to ensure that work goes smoothly.
  4. Carring out monitoring visits in each EA and makes a daily report to the Field Coordinator on the progress of the census work.
  5. Ensuring as much as possible the security of enumerators working under him/her.
  6. Clearing the enumerators after completion of their task.
  7. A Field Supervisor should vave survey field experience, have managerial skills and speak the language of the local community.

What are the requirements for NPC recruitment eligibility?

  1. Valid National Identification Number (NIN).
  2. Functional Gmail Account.
  3. Valid and Functional Phone Number.
  4. Valid and Functional /Operational Commercial Bank Account (No student/NYSC Account).
  5. Valid Educational Qualifications.
  6. Referees.
  7. Access to and knowledge on the use of computers, tablets & Smartphones is an added advantage.

How to Apply for the 2023 NPC Recruitment

Eligible and interested individuals for the NPC recruitment should click on the Apply Now button below to apply for the recruitment.

Apply Now

Note: Personnels for the 2023 NPC exercise would be selected from the communities where they are residing.

When is the NPC recruitment ending?

The NPC recruitment ends on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.


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