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Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023: Gov Otti Announces



Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023 will soon hold as the new Governor of the State, Dr Alex Otti announces the plan to recruit 5,000 new teachers.

Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023 will soon hold as the new Governor of the State, Dr Alex Otti announces the plan to recruit 5,000 new teachers.

Otti who was elected on the platform of the Labour Party, announced the recruitment process during his inauguration as the Executive Governor of Abia State at the Umuahia Township Stadium.

He said: “We shall see to it that our teachers undergo regular refresher courses to update their knowledge and teaching skills so that they will stay relevant in their chosen fields.

“It must also be stated that under our government, teachers shall never be shabbily treated as reportedly had been the custom in the past.

The paucity of infrastructure in our educational system shall be addressed stridently.”

The governor announced a recruitment process in the education sector that will be made open to hire a minimum of 5,000 teachers.

Otti mentioned that the reason behind this recruitment is to tackle the prevailing shortage of teachers in both primary and secondary schools in Abia state.

This will furthermore help to rebuild the educational sector and as well produce highly skilled and knowledgeable students who will become of great value to the fast growing and modernizing society.

Graduates Needed For The Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023

The governor of Abia state hinted on the conditions to meet to be among the first selected set of teachers during the recruitment process. He stated that young graduates in the following will be considered first:

  1. Science
  2. Education
  3. Technology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Engineering
  6. Graduates Willing To Serve In Rural Communities

When Will The Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023 Hold?

The governor said that the design and all the appropriate and essential supporting structure for the recruitment process will be put in place within June 2023.

Who Is Eligible For The Abia State Teachers Recruitment 2023?

Any interested applicant wishing to develop a career in the teaching profession in Abia state will be eligible for the recruitment, meaning that anyone, whether they are from Abia State or not, can apply for the teaching position.

Kindly note that as long as you agree to live and work in Abia, you’re eligible for the teaching job.

As long as you are a bona fide citizen of Nigeria, you are qualified for the job.

We urge everyone who is interested in this upcoming recruitment process to brave up for the selection series in order to be part of this great and wonderful opportunity.

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Ugonma June 5, 2023 - 8:07 pm

This is a welcome development. Please I need link

Abbas salihu kirfi June 2, 2023 - 8:34 pm

Good job God bless him🙏🙏


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