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Npower News: Stipend Update For Batch C Stream 1 Beneficiaries With Failed Payments



On today's Npower news, the management of the scheme has announced that some beneficiaries of Batch C1 who are affected by failed payments should contact them

On today’s Npower news, the management of the scheme has announced what some beneficiaries of the exited Batch C Stream 1 who are affected by failed payments should do to receive their unpaid stipend.

According to the scheme’s management, the accounts of the beneficiaries that couldn’t receive their stipends became ”paused accounts” because they either supplied wrong or incomplete account information.

Npower News Batch C1 Failed Stipend Update 2The statement read: “Good day all C1 Beneficiaries, Please we are currently reaching out to those with “Paused Accounts” via 013432057 and requesting for your account information as your payments was paused due to wrong or incomplete account information on your profile page.

“Kindly give our agents your maximum

“Please note that you can also call in via 018888148, 092203102, O7OOCALLNSIP to give us your details.”

If you are among those affected, you’re expected to act fast to receive your outstanding payment.

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